“I am a Brew on Premise operator, how do my customers get to see their batches of wine and beer?”

We have a simple file format that can be prepared from the software or database that you use at the store and this can be uploaded to the brewCHECK.com site every evening. Currently, we have an interface written for stores running The Wine Management System (http://www.wms4wine.ca/). We could work with almost any software vendor to create an upload link. Also, for low volume sites a simple data entry form could be used as well. brewCHECK.com does assume that you have a unique way of naming your brew batches. (eg the first one in 2006 might be 2006.00001 the second 2006.00002 etc)

“I am a Customer of a Brew on Premise Store that subscribes to the brewCHECK service what exactly can I see?”

The standard display can be seen on our Demo Page

“Is it secure?”

Yes, the file format we use is encrypted, and has other anti tampering codes built into it. The customer tracking numbers are impossible to guess and are different for every store and every customer.

“How long is data kept?”

We keep all customer batch data for up to 2 years. This can be a longer or shorter time if you wish to arrange it with us.

“It looks like I can have my store's address and phone number, and hours of operation on the brewcheck.com page?”

Yes, as part of the download you can send your store's Name, Address, phone number, e-mail, hours of operation, and a brief one line advertisement if you wish. All of this information is part of the standard store setup preferences in The Wine Management System.

“Can customers be notified of Bottle Dates?”

Yes, if the customer has an e-mail address brewCHECK.com can send automatic e-mail reminders several days before the product must be bottled. (The store can specify the number of days before the notices are sent or stop them for some customers)

“What does it cost?”

The basic package for a Brew on Premise operator with one store starts at $120.00 per year payable annually. This would include the ability for customers to look up their wine and beer batches, and receive automatic e-mail notification. Other options such as allowing customers to request appointments, and wine batch sharing boards, are available at additional charges of $15-$20 per year.

“What happens if I decide not to renew my annual service?”

Customers can still look up existing data but you will not be able to upload any new data to the site.

“What is the Best way to contact you?”

Drop us a line at brewcheck@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

“Can customers check bottle appointments as well?”

Yes the standard display will show any pending bottling appointments, if this data was sent to brewCHECK.

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