Using brewCHECK

On your receipt, of a purchase from your Wine Store, you will find a box at the top left corner that displays your name, address and contact information. In this customer information area will be the Invoice Tracking Number, outlined in a gray box. This Tracking Number is an encrypted number created from your data on file. No two customers can have the same number.

Make a note of your Tracking #. This number will allow you the access to view your wines on-line.

On your PC, open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or any other browser) and enter into the address bar, and press your Enter key.

Enter your Invoice Tracking Number in the space, for example, 912626202 and press the Submit button. Depending on your selection in the "All Batches, Complete Batches or Incomplete Batches" selection to the right, all of your products purchased from your Wine Store will be displayed for your review.

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